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Loving God, Loving People

229 Fifth Street, Beverly, Ohio 45715 - 740-984-4180
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The 5th Street Church of Christ Youth Ministry exist to:

 Create an environment where our youth can worship God, know God and Love God. We strive to create this kind of a God focused, safe environment everyday. A place where our youth can come learn and grow.


Youth leader: Craig Hellinger       


Hey! I'm Craig and I'm  the Youth Sponsor here at 5th St.  I have an awesome opportunity to share the gospel and help develop our youth into disciples. Part of doing that is sharing my story. The readers digest version of mine, rough in the beginning, a lot of hard work in the middle, somewhere a long the line a pretty girl with a minister father and Christian home . They shared the gospel with me, showed me the value I was to God, and from there I've been committed to Loving God and Loving people. To hear the rest stop in or contact me. 

                              If you would like to contact me try one of these





Fifth Street Youth Team
P.O. Box 185
Beverly, Ohio 45715

email: fifth_street_youth@yahoo.com
website: www.fifthstreetyouth.com

Senior youth worship -Sunday evenings at 6:00p.m.




















































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